Olivia Fabrizio, Working on the Columbia River
Olivia Fabrizio, Working on the Columbia River

This note is from one of our members, Olivia Fabrizio.  Living in Portland, Oregon, Olivia is an artist who is also a licensed ship captain.  Thought you might be interested in her latest update.


I did, in fact, start a new job on a huge stern wheel river boat that runs up and down the Columbia river (think Mark Twain and picture a floating birthday cake).  I’ve been on board for two weeks and my rotation is four weeks on and two weeks off. I’m hoping to come visit the Bay in late May. The scenery is beautiful but there is some very serious institutional sexism, in a marine department of 18 I am the only woman. I just hold my head up and work my hardest and I know my skill set will win them over in the long run. I also keep a log of comments just in case.

There are so many new rhythms around me that I have shifted the focus of my piece to be something more mechanically based and obviously I have a more limited set of resources and that makes things very interesting…

Thank you for continuing to inspire me to make art! It’s easy to lose oneself in the everyday tasks here and forget to make time for the things that keep me sane. Much love and affection.


P.S. I have a crew mate who’s mother lives in Berkeley and he thinks something like the art junket would be good for her, she is a graphic artist and has stopped making personal art. Can I set her up with the art junkets information?

Comments on Facebook on Olivia’s observation about machines and rhythm.

Erin Mahollitz

9:21am Apr 11

Ditto. I also hear them more now. I am sensitive to the steady rhythm of machines, that kind of whirring hum. In my mind I also imagine louder mechanical rhythms, such as clanking gears and smacking pistons.

I’ve been meditating on natural rhythms, the steady and undulating movement of water and earth. The thrum of rain. The flow of fabric. It’s a less predictable pattern/rhythm, but still familiar in each iteration.

Kaitlin Fitzmahan

12:53pm Apr 10

Love the thought of the rhythms of machines – now that I think about it I can’t stop hearing them!