Where can an artist find inspiration, materials, classes, space to build?

Katie’s recommendation


Precita Eyes Muralists.

Kaitlin Fitzmahan working with Percita Eyes
Kaitlin Fitzmahan working with Percita Eyes

Katie Fitzmahan interned with Percita Eyes in San Francisco.  Katie,  would you set up a mural walk in San Francisco?  Perhaps you would find us some reading we could do before the walk.





Katie sent us this link to another mural on Valencia Street in San Francisco.









Cristelle’s recommendations

Studio One, Art Center.  365 45th St. Oakland, Ca 94609

Fantastic sounding classes are available.  Including: Oaxacan Wood Carving, Beginning Photoshop, Darkroom Refresher, Life drawing, Metal Jewelry Design, Glass, Pit Fired Clay Workshop! Wow!!!  I want to take them all those classes! Check dates and prices in the catalogue.

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse4695 Telegraph Avenue. Oakland, CA 94609

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is an ecological treasure trove of art & craft materials, educational supplies, vintage furniture, home décor, paper goods, fabric, and much more. Founded in 1979 by two Oakland public school teachers.The Store contains 4,500 square feet of reused materials suitable for art, education and household use.”

Erin’s recommendations

Ohmega Salvage. 2407 San Pablo Avenue. Berkeley, CA 94702

This is a place where, overwhelmed by all the stuff, I am reminded of the joke, “There’s got to be a pony in here some place!”

Berkeley Tool Lending Library.  1901 Russell Street. Berkeley, CA 94703

This is part of the Berkeley Library system.  What a great idea! “Only Berkeley residents or property owners over age 18 may borrow tools.”

Stella’s recommendations

SCRAP . 801 Toland St. (Entrance on Newcomb). San Francisco, CA 94124

“SCRAP is housed in a 5,000 square foot warehouse provided by the San Francisco Unified School District.  Our creative reuse depot and workshop space is located in the Bayview district of San Francisco. You never know what you’ll find to inspire your next project or finish off a current one. The materials in our depot change everyday, but you’ll always find an abundance of “art parts” and a wide variety of artifacts of inspiring textures, colors, and shapes.”

Maureen’s recommendations

Blicks. 1909 University Avenue. Berkeley, CA 94704  AND 811 University Avenue.  Berkeley, CA 94710

Urban Ore. 900 Murray Street, Berkeley, CA 94710