Series of posts by Ana Perches.

Jean Paul Sarte, 1946. photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

L’enfer c’est les autres,” Hell is the others.

Jean Paul Sartre

The Self Portrait

The way you see yourself.  How do you see yourself?  The way you want to be seen.  Or the way you don’t want to be seen.

The way others see you. How do they see you?

A portrait of you as a child.  That’s cheating.  All children are adorable.

A portrait of you in the future.  How will you look 25 years from now?  What will you wear?

Is there a dress code for self portraits? Frida Kahlo wore what she loved, her garments were part of her mind and she performed through her choice of clothes. She exaggerated her bold eyebrows.  She purposely left fuzz on her upper lip, the moustachette.  Did Frida exaggerate her sorrow?

Our self. Our selves.  Our inner elves.  Which one to choose or should we let it choose itself?