Berthe Morisot. 1885. Self Portrait.
Berthe Morisot. 1885. Self Portrait.

Ana Perches

Go to the Met. Go to the Louvre. Go to El Prado.  90% of self-portraits are of men.

We need to look for women artists.

For example, impressionist painter, Berthe Morisot.  The face, the hair, the bust. No hiding.

No playing.  Where’s Waldo?

It’s out there, like Frida Kahlo with her legs open trying to give birth to herself and then to a little Diego. Or Frida chopping off her hair dressed in a man’s suit.  Frida Kahlo was encouraged by her husband, Diego Rivera, to portray the major events in her life.

Self-portrait portraying a single event, an experience. 

Self-portrait portraying your entire life.

Self-portrait portraying a breath, a light. 

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