This series of posts is by Lorren Butterwick.

The Art Junket has been more than a community for me to create and share art. It has been an introspective journey.

Each of my pieces reflects an emotion, experience or thought I have had. As for most artists, my art is very personal – a look into my head and my heart.

Because of this intimate approach to art, my search for an inspiration for a “self portrait” has been an especially interesting one. The question of “who am I?” is what I have come to – face-to-face. That is an exciting and scary question.

How often do we have the chance to sit back and try to figure out who we really are? What defines me?

I want to illustrate my passions, the things and people I love, my strengths.

But what about my weaknesses? Those are equally a part of me as are my strengths. If I don’t illustrate my weaknesses, I am not necessarily being honest in my self portrait.

As the artist, I have the power to choose between honesty or deception in my self-portrait. I came across the term “self censorship” during my readings about self portraits and this idea really stayed with me. We can censor ourselves by curbing our opinions, softening our voice, hiding our weaknesses, pretending to be someone we’re not.

Francesca Woodman, self portrait

Censorship is a taboo term (bringing it back to our last theme). Being a free human being means we hate censorship, right? So why would we choose to censor ourselves?

An honest self portrait, whether it is through photography, painting, drawing, music, writing, music, or dance, can be a freeing and enlightening process.