Lucy Jones with Her Walking Stick, 1996 Oil on canvas 218.5 x 157 cm 86 x 61 3/4 in

Post by Lorren Butterwick

The self portraits of the artist, Lucy Jones, are a perfect, and sometimes uncomfortable, example of how powerful and freeing an honest self portrait can be.

Lucy, an amazingly talented artist, was born with cerebral palsy and dyslexia. On top of that she is an aging wife and mother. In a moving article in the Huffington Post, she says, “painting has helped me come to terms with all sorts of aspects of myself…” and that her art demonstrates “…how difficult it is to be a human being.”

As Lucy reveals, our life experiences are not always beautiful and perfect.

We often try to hide behind a facade of perfection.  This is especially true today, when we have numerous online social profiles.

We can essentially be anyone we want.