In our culture, it is common practice to ponder upon the ‘self.’ My people are a self-reflective people, placing value on self-examination and self-awareness. I am a self analyzer, with a strong case of internal editor.  Each email I write to a coworker, or photo I post on Facebook is heavy with the burden of capturing my whole self.  In college, papers were excruciating to write, each one swollen with the essence of my soul. Do you ache similarly?

Fuck “self.”

We are suffering because we continue to hold onto something that is in flux.  Self is a construct. Who you are, how you speak, your body language, the memories you recall, the emotions you feel…all these aspects of yourself change with context.  Identity is not fixed.

Tom Mosser,
Tom Mosser, “Ambitextrous Impressionism Self Portraits,” 2013. Pittsburgh, PA.