October 4, 2015

illumination, rhythm, taboo, self-portrait

It was a week before the Art Show.  A day without babies for Erin and a day without moving boxes for me.  I had just moved 35 minutes east of Berkeley to a new house in Pittsburg. Feeling tired and sore from unpacking, I asked, “What if no one comes?”  I wondered if our “build-it-and-they-will-come” scheme would work.

Art with Napa wines.
Art with Napa wines.

Seven months earlier, during a similar quiet moment, over another cup of coffee, and feeling optimistic and ready for a challenge, Erin and I fashioned an idea. Bring together a handful of artists and meet once a month.  We’d make great art!  Have an art exhibit.  Wow!  Just like in “A Field of Dreams,” we’d build an idea and “they will come.”

And they did come last Sunday!  Not to watch baseball, but to see fine art.  And, they really liked us! Friends and family came. Even a guy off of the street, “Is this an art exhibit?  Can I come?”  A small showing, but a huge first show for the artists.

Twelve art aficionados walked through Lorren Butterwick’s garden art gallery.  (Notice that we counted the guests.) I heard a few, “Ooo, I like this!” and “Where did you get that idea?” And,  “I didn’t know you could paint! You are really very good.”  And, most gratifying, “How can I join the Art Junket?”

We had a show! Wine, food and first class art!

Next year, the de Young!

photos by: Erin Mahollitz, Maureen Fitzmahan, and Sam Heller