White Light. January, 2016. Bed

Acrylic, canvas. 24 in x 20 in

Breath in. Breath out.

Lorren Butterwick 

Lorren Butterwick is the youngest member of The Art Junket.  A California native, Lorren, in addition to being an up and coming artist, is studying in the Napa Valley to be a viticulturist…(which is a fancy word for the expert who produces wine – manages the the vineyard, including soil management, irrigation, and disease and weed control).  Lorren uses multimedia in her art, striving to push her creative boundaries using new and different mediums. Her artwork tends to connect with nature, playing with geometry and biology.


All images © Lorren Butterwick

Featured Image: Lorren Butterwick, USA – b.1988. “Journey” 2015 – self portrait. Acrylic paint and wood on paper. 18 in. X 22 in.