post by Kaitlin Fitzmahan

It feels like fall, doesn’t it? I love this time of year. The air smells fresh. The days are shorter. You can see change happening right before your eyes. It is a time for introspection and reflection. A time to think about shifting times and death. To me this is a perfect season for the theme of Enigma. 

My artwork takes a look at the darkness and the unknown that is always in front of us. At times this can be full of hope and possibility, but often it can be scary and uncertain. This piece – the darkness falling into a canyon – reminds me of that time right after dusk when you can’t tell if you see things or if your imagination is running wild in the dark. 

It was fun to play with mixed media – but challenging! I will save that discussion for when I see you all on the 15th!

Image © Maureen Fitzmahan 2008.  WW II memorial near Florence, Italy.