The Art Junket gathered on November 15th in Berkeley, California for the first soirée of their second series. Two new artists joined the group, Stacey Kaiser and Tony Jones.  Although enigma had been a challenging theme, the artists embraced the opportunity to take risks, change direction, raise doubts, and ultimately create fine pieces of art.

The Art

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The Event

The soirée, designed by Erin Mahollitz, began with an introduction to the iconoclastic photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe.  The eight artists led discussions on their art pieces. The meeting ended with the artists naming the stumbling blocks encountered by the artists: fear, exhaustion, limited time.  Then the artists put a match to the barriers they face in their efforts to make meaningful and compelling art.

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photography ©Kaitlin Fitzmahan and Maureen Fitzmahan

artwork ©Lorren Butterwick, Tony Jones, Stacey Kaiser, Cristelle Blackford, Kaitlin Fitzmahan, Ana Perches, Maureen Fitzmahan, Erin Mahollitz