Sheets of dreams
Oneiric paths and crystal labyrinths of savoir faire.
Bed 24/7 on a Lennon Yoko whim.
Bed is where the heart is, a famous poet said.
The mind driving into soft roads of intangible earth.

Featured image ©Annie Leibowitz, 1980. Rolling Stones Magazine.

First image above: 1969 Ono and Lennon in Amsterdam as part of a Bed-in-for-Peace. Second image: ©Annie Leibowitz, 1980.

post by Ana Perches

(It’s Artjunketeers that inspire me.  I think of our new theme a lot. First I thought about our theme [bed] in a whimsical way but then it morphs into more serious things like people around us without a bed to sleep in, without a roof or sink. The word pillow takes on a much deeper meaning.)