post by Erin Mahollitz

First Thoughts (remember, the event is my art):

  • serving food on a bed
  • serving food in makeshift garden beds
  • offering beverages from wooden cradles

But, I see myself trapped in the event planner’s mind. She is organized and thorough, practical and literal.

Ana’s words were an invitation to let go…and simply let the theme trigger ideas and images within me.

I imagine:

  • Notes to a lover and rose petals with Mickey & Sylvia’s Love is Strange playing in the background.
  • A white, ornate, metal bedframe with a bare mattress sitting beneath two giant redwood trees in the middle of a park. On either side of the trees are traces of homeless encampments.

Thus, my creative process begins, again.

Next Step – Research…

I will leave you with this work:

Tracey Emin My Bed 1998 Mattress, linens, pillows, objects 79 x 211 x 234 cm