I like the new year.  It is a time when I can grab onto dreams and new challenges. I’m looking forward to joining you in creating.  Thank you for supporting me in my journey.  I hope I can help you, as well.

I’m planning on making new shifts in photography. (Below is some work I am doing now.)  Learning to use the gifts available from digital photography is high on my list.  I have all the tools: a great camera, a new iMac and a great printer, but I have had a hard time seeing photography outside the paradigm of film.  I believe it is time to take 2016 in hand and make some exciting discoveries!

Kay Adamson gave me a visually beautiful book on photography edited by Tom Ang.  Photography: The Definitive Visual History.  I love it so much that I’m actually reading it page by page.

The book is unique.  Not only does Ang give a history of photography, but he analyzes what made select photographs great.  These focus sections will provide me with a tool to review my own photographs and point to ways I can improve my camera work and photo development skills.

Do you have goals for your art this year?  Please let us know.

Image: ©Maureen Fitzmahan, “Sisters” 2016.