photos ©Kaitlin Fitzmahan and Maureen Fitzmahan

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April 24, 2016.

The third meeting of this Series of The Art Junket was poignant,  yet laughter filled the garden.  Attended by artists: Ana Perches, Erin Mahollitz, Tony Jones, Katie Fitzmahan, Stacey Kaiser, and Maureen Fitzmahan.

Erin, the event planner,  filled the garden with geometry.  Hanging streams of triangles sailed in the breeze.  The food celebrated geometry: square bits of watermelon lightly coated in balsamic vinegar, elegant triangular finger sandwiches of goat cheese and roasted walnut, and square kebobs of strawberry shortcakes.

Tony and Katie brought colored palettes of triangles.   Stacey brought angles of beer, inspired by her new job.  I brought a black & white photo composition of big and little legs, yet oddly titled: “On the Shoulders of Giants.”  Ana invited us to see the humor of life lessons.  She brought two pieces revealing the metaphor of the child’s game, Hopscotch, and the passage of time.

Mary Louise and David came as observers who may become “junketeers.”

This is the third of four soirées in this 2nd series.  The 4th soirée will be Sunday – June 26, 2016.