photos ©Kaitlin Fitzmahan and Maureen Fitzmahan

June 26, 2016.

Tony Jones painted a mural on a boring wall and made it much more interesting.  Ana ruined a perfectly good poem, painted about it,made us think, and brought depth to our conversation.  Katie turned her painting upside down and we liked it so much better. David threw together some garbage, put it on a board, and everyone liked it.  Mary Louise wrote a poem about a turtle and tangled it.  Stacey found some sunshine, painted it, and brought it to us.  Maureen took a photo of a piece of grass, framed it, and called it art. We reached a high level of fun, collaboration, and art at the fourth meeting of the second Series of The Art Junket.  The event was produced and directed by artist and event planner, Erin Mahollitz.  It was attended by artists: Ana Perches, Tony Jones, Katie Fitzmahan, Stacey Kaiser, David Dallas, Mary Louise Harrington, and Maureen Fitzmahan.

Tony’s home was given a touch of the French countryside by Erin with a picnic of bread, cheese, and wine.  This is the fourth of five soirées in this 2nd series.  The 5th soirée will be in September.  The new theme is Zen and art.

The Soirée

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The Artists

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