©Painting by Kaitlin Fitzmahan.

You are busy.  That is what makes you interesting.  Your tangled, extraordinary, and exhausting life makes you who you are.  But, don’t let the other facets of your life choke out the artist within you.  The artist in you gives your life color, depth, and meaning.

Have you prepared your work to be seen by friends, family, members of the community, other artists, and the press?  

It is time to work on preparing your art pieces for the Gallery Show.  Yes, there is a bit of pressure here.   

I encourage you to make room in your life for creativity and making art.  Put time for creativity on your calendar.  Add art to your ‘to do’ list.  Put creativity and time for art in your Bullet Journal.  

  1. Complete the work needed to finish your art pieces.   Take the positive comments and ideas you received here at our meetings and finish your art pieces.
  2. Frame your work!  Present your work professionally.   Show respect to your audience.  They are expecting and deserve the best from you.
  3. Go bigger!  
  4. Finish the piece that you missed.  If you missed a meeting during this series, you might want to finish the piece you began, but failed to finish because you couldn’t make it to the meeting.  The 5 themes that we used to inform us in our creation of our pieces of art are:
    1. Enigma
    2. Bed
    3. Angles
    4. Poetry
    5. Zen
  5. Nurture you ‘genius.’ Or find a new one. (See Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk.)