January 14, 2017

enigma, bed, angles, poetry, zen

30 guests came to the Art Junket’s 2nd Annual Exhibit.  Twice as many as last year.

Click on the photo below to see the catalogue of the artist’s works and their artists’ statement.

The Art Junket Catalogue.png
The Art Junket, 2nd Annual Exhibit catalogue


A mom and her 4 year old little girl saw our sign, came in, and walked through the exhibit. Another man saw the sign, and turned to me, “These are pretty good.  Who are these artists, anyway?”

Katie, the artist
mbfitzmahan. 2017. Katie in preparation.

Friends and family came.  We had a children’s floor, covered with art supplies, and art in the making.  Teaching the next generation.

We had many visitors showing interest in becoming Art Junketeers.

Heller. 2017. The Exhibit.


Heller. 2017. The Exhibit, too.

Lorren’s backyard and barn was beautiful.  Even the sun came to the show.  Erin and Ana brought food.  We had wine.

Heller. 2017.  Children and art.

Thank you to all who participated, who put the exhibit together, who shared their home with us (Lorren and Sam).  Thank you, Sam, for being our official photographer.  Artists, your works looked wonderful.  Erin, we are deeply grateful to you for getting us organized.

Heller. 2017. Guests.
Heller. 2017. Guests of all ages.

Next year will be our 3rd anniversary.  We will celebrate with a large exhibit, showing all Art Junket work from the last 3 years.

For now, back to work.  Theme: DISSONANCE.   See you on February 18th.

May the art be with you.  mbf