Michelangelo. 1541. Fresco.  Sistine Chapel, Vatican

Are you thinking about what to create for genesis?

Here are some easy beginnings   (the pun IS intended,  and I could go on all night long!).

Genesis is the origin, start, or point at which something comes into being.

Genesis is the Greek name for the first book of the Judo-Christian Bible. Biblical scholars believe that Genesis is a collection of stories by an assortment of Hebrew authors written from the 8th to the 5th centuries B.C.E. The stories are an ancient peoples’ attempt to explain where man came from.

According to Karen Armstrong, “In every culture, we find the myth of a lost paradise, in which humans lived in close and daily contact with the divine. They were immortal, and lived in harmony with one another, with animals and with nature.

Marc Chagall. Adam and Eve and the Forbidden Fruit. 1960. Lithograph.

At the centre of the world there was a tree, a mountain, or a pole, linking earth and heaven, which people could easily climb to reach the realm of the gods. Then there was a catastrophe: the mountain collapsed, the tree was cut down, and it became more difficult to reach heaven.

Tree of Life. Clay.  Handcrafted in Metepec, Mexico

The story of the Golden Age, a very early and almost universal myth, was never intended to be historical. It springs from a strong experience of the sacred that is natural to human beings, and expresses their tantalising sense of a reality that is almost tangible and only just out of reach.

Most of the religions and mythologies of archaic societies are imbued with longing for the lost paradise.” A Short History of Myth, 2005

I think of genesis as a birth or a rebirth.

mbfitzmahan. Liam. 2014. photo

A new beginning, a new growth.

mbfitzmahan.  Spring Buds.  2013. Kyoto, Japan.

A first time thing.

mbfitzmahan. A First Time Bowler. 2017.  photo.

I think of the color green.

I think of Phil Collins and his old band, Genesis.

Art Ideas

Christian Schloe.  The Beginning.  Digital Image.
Gustav Klimt. The Virgin. 1913. Painting
Utagawa Toyokuni.  Woman Bathing Under Flowers.  1769-1825. Woodcut print.