By Maureen Fitzmahan

mbfitzmahan. Garden art party. 2017

Take your time with the following posts on the art process.  I will divide them up into 3 posts.  There are lots of good ideas here.  You might find some ideas here that will help you in your process of creating an art piece.

In these posts you will learn about:

  1. A garden art party – a fancy way to get together in the backyard and make art together.
  2. Using Poetry – write a poem about the theme, get some ideas for your piece.
  3. Mapping what gives you inspiration or helps you get started – map when you get inspired, when you work best, what you listen to, who are your gurus, documentaries you listen to, books you read, artists that give you ideas, your muses.  Read Tao’s post, Genesis: Mapping your Artistic Inspiration.
  4. Drafting your art piece on paper, in pencil, in ink.
  5. Getting organized – process through who you are as an artist.  What are your goals, what kind of art do you like to make?

I believe my favorite part of our gatherings at the Art Junket, is to hear how you artists get inspired, how you create, what your barriers are.  Through laughter and tears.  How art comes to be.

Here is what I am hearing this month.


“I honestly don’t even know what I’m going to do. I could work on the illustrations for ‘Mr. Long and Mr. Short,” Dad’s children’s story.  But other than that being a genesis in my skill development, I don’t feel like it fits the theme.  I need to think on the theme more…. Any ideas?”

Garden Art Party – Erin, Katie, Maureen

Erin, Katie, and I (Maureen) met for an art day Saturday, the 26th of March.  We laughed, cried, and created.

You are welcome to join us for an afternoon of art.  It is collaboration at its best.

mbfitzmahan. Katie drafting. 2017
mbfitzmaha. Katie’s color sketches. 2017


mbfitzmahan. Erin drafting. 2017


mbfitzmahan. Erin-musings. 2017

Erin Mahollitz. ideas for Genesis. 2017
mbfitzmahan. Erin & Katie – exchange of ideas.  2017