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One of the main goals of The Art Junket is to help artists build and maintain a practice of art. It matters to us HOW we create our art. We are interested in examining what inspires us as well as our obstacles. Here are the reflections of our members on the different themes.

Salon 4.3: I Like Shiny Things



June 30, 2018

by Maureen B. Fitzmahan. Photos by Maureen Fitzmahan

“I Like Shiny Things.”  This theme inspired some of the best art pieces I’ve seen from the Junketeers.

The artists.

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4:3 “I like shiny things”



by Maureen Fitzmahan

Yes!  Let’s start thinking.  New theme is “I like shiny things!”

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Self Portrait Salon

Norman Rockwell.  Triple Self-Portrait. 1960.

5 more days.

The mantra that I repeat at this point is, “Art is my friend.  Art is my life.  Art is fun.”  This is when I pray that my muse will find me in my suffering and will drop at my feet a basketful of  inspiration.

See you on Saturday, May 19th at 10:30 AM.  Come to Brian and Manya’s beautiful house.  Their home is a piece of art, in and of itself.  If you are very nice, I bet you can get a tour of Brian’s studio and Manya’s garden.

See you on Saturday.  Art in hand.




Self Portrait – Year 4


by Maureen Fitzmahan

I believe that every piece of art is a ‘self-portrait.’  In my best work, I say a lot about myself.  I can’t help myself.  I tell you what makes me laugh. Or cry.  I hide somewhere in that image a mote of aggravation.  I let you know how inadequate I feel.  I scatter metaphysical musings.  Sometimes I purposely share who I am. Many times Maureen is hidden somewhere in my photo.  Sometimes my secrets seep out subconsciously.  My colleagues and family sometimes see ‘me’ in my work, and I am indebted to them when they tell me who they see.

It is humbling.  An artist needs to be vulnerable.  And very courageous.

In the next salon, we challenge you to intentionally create a self-portrait.

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Salon 4:1 – Synesthesia


The Artists.jpg
Manya Nelson, Zoey Olbum, Annelise Dohrer, Brian Nelson, Katie Strange, Lucy Beck, Erin Mahollitz, Ana Perches, Tao Graham, Tony Jones, Maureen Fitzmahan, Yun Suh

by Maureen B. Fitzmahan. Photos by Maureen Fitzmahan and Katie Strange.

The 4th year of THE ART JUNKET began with the Salon on March 3, 2018. The Salon was held in Berkeley, California at Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange’s home.

The Salon was attended by Maureen Fitzmahan, Ana Perches, Brian Nelson, Manya Nelson, Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange, Lucy Beck, Erin Mahollitz, Tony Jones, Zoey Olbum, Annelise Dohrer, Yun Suh, and Tao Graham.

This month’s theme was “Synesthesia.”

The Art



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Synesthesia – what is that!


mbfitzmahan. 2017. Pittsburg, CA

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