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Salon 4:1 – Synesthesia


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Manya Nelson, Zoey Olbum, Annelise Dohrer, Brian Nelson, Katie Strange, Lucy Beck, Erin Mahollitz, Ana Perches, Tao Graham, Tony Jones, Maureen Fitzmahan, Yun Suh

by Maureen B. Fitzmahan. Photos by Maureen Fitzmahan and Katie Strange.

The 4th year of THE ART JUNKET began with the Salon on March 3, 2018. The Salon was held in Berkeley, California at Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange’s home.

The Salon was attended by Maureen Fitzmahan, Ana Perches, Brian Nelson, Manya Nelson, Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange, Lucy Beck, Erin Mahollitz, Tony Jones, Zoey Olbum, Annelise Dohrer, Yun Suh, and Tao Graham.

This month’s theme was “Synesthesia.”

The Art


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Synesthesia – what is that!


mbfitzmahan. 2017. Pittsburg, CA

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3rd Annual Exhibit

photo by Brian Nelson.  January 5, 2018

The Art Junket artists were featured in Oakland’s Murmur, the East Bay’s premier Friday art walk.  350 visitors came to view our art.  Congratulations.

Erin and Augie
Setting up the art

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3rd Art Exhibition

The Art Junket at Oakland’s Art Murmur

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Pricing your art


by Maureen Fitzmahan

Did you have trouble pricing your art work for our Gallery Show in January in Oakland? I did.

There is a difference between the value of an art piece and what price it will sell for.  The value of your art is made up of two things: 1. how you value your art and 2. how the market values your art.

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3 Years of Art: Congratulations!

1st Art Junket Salon and 1st Junketeers. 2015. Maureen, Ana, Sara, Erin, Lorren, Cristelle, Katie.

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