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Artists are given a challenge every two months to create a NEW piece of work that incorporates a designated theme. We find that having parameters and accountability help motivate and inspire us. Salons last three to four hours and are often hosted by in a member’s home. During this time each artist shares their artwork and reflects on their creative process. Feedback is welcome and supportive. We also take time to enjoy a small lunch together.

Still life – Momento mori

Zdzisław Beksiński, Untitled, oil on fibreboard. 1984

by Maureen Fitzmahan

Momento mori –  “remember that you have to die.”  Momento mori  is an interesting facet of the still life genre.  The artist often places a skull in his still life among other symbols of life and death.

I must admit I find much of what I have seen in this genre to be quite disturbing.  Late 20th and 21st artists like to shock, so there are a lot of images that make me feel very uncomfortable if not disgusted.  I don’t like slasher movies or horror movies.  I don’t like violence (just murder mysteries without the blood and gore, thank you).

But, in the better pieces of art that represent this genre there are elements of spirit, poignancy, deep truths.  These pieces are also aesthetically beautiful.  Death and beauty. A powerful combination.

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Still Life

Paul Cézanne
Still Life with Water Jug c.1892–3

by Maureen Fitzmahan

“Still life” is one of the major genres of Western art.

Traditionally, the subject matter of a still life painting. sculpture, or photograph is anything that does not move or is dead.

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Still Life (Salon #3-Series 3)

mbfitzmahan. A Moment. Pittsburg, CA. 2017

Our next Salon is on Saturday, July 8.

“STILL LIFE” is the theme.

Salon 3.2 – Genesis

by Maureen Fitzmahan

Zoey, Tony, Brian, Annelise

The 2nd Salon* of the 3rd series of The Art Junket was hosted by Ana Perches.

The Salon was attended by 13 artists: Erin Mahollitz, Katie Strange, Maureen Fitzmahan, Tony Jones, Brian Nelson, Tao Graham, Randolph Torres, Annelise Dohrer, Ana Perches, Katie Osenga, Lucy Beck, Zoey Olbum, and Kate Sbani.

This months’ theme, Genesis, inspired many of us to do a reexamination of our work and our work process.  For those of us who have been around for a long time, I believe that our work has reached new heights. We have many new members.  The diversity of work and members is seen in the kind of art being produced.

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Genesis: Mapping your Artistic Inspiration


In thinking about Genesis, I am wholly influenced by Professor Jenny Braman and the work I did in her advanced drawing class at Berkeley City College.

Professor Braman championed her students to look deeply into the what, where and why of artistic work. She introduced me to a book by Anne West – a professor who teaches at the Maine College of Art – the book is titled,  MAPPING The Intelligence of Artistic Work: An Explorative Guide to Making, Thinking and Writing.

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Genesis – Lucifer, the protagonist

Edouard-Marie-Guillaume Dubufe (1853-1909). The Fall of Lucifer

Genesis:  The point in our story is where our “Heavenly Father” reveals himself to humanity, having already done so with his prior brood, as a petty tyrant.  He is more concerned with the enforcement of arbitrary rules than the well being of his children.  

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