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3rd Art Exhibition

The Art Junket at Oakland’s Art Murmur

 January 5th is the 3rd annual gallery exhibit of the Art Junket. We are so excited to be showing our work at Warehouse 416 in Oakland. 

When -OPENING NIGHT: January 5th – 1st Friday in Oakland. The evening goes until 10pm.
SATURDAY STROLL: 1pm-4pm every Saturday in January.

WhereWarehouse 416, 416 26th St, Oakland
What – The Art Junket’s 3rd Annual Gallery Exhibit.
Why – To celebrate our work over the past 3 years and come together as artists and friends.

For the last three years, The Art Junket has gathered together artists who are new to the art world. These artists are outsiders, usually self-educated, who bring fresh and guileless art to the community. They produce art that strays from the norms and styles of contemporary art. Similar to the cafés of Paris of the 1920s, the Art Junket provides a safe place for artists to show and talk about their art.

Eleven artists will show select pieces from the past three years. Artwork and prints will be available for purchase.

The Art Junket was founded in Berkeley, California in 2015 by two artists, Maureen Fitzmahan and Erin Mahollitz. For any questions:




Tony Jones

Tony Jones, American, born 1978.

Blackstar. January, 2016  Bed

Acrylic, canvas.

36 in x 36 in

This painting was inspired by David Bowie and a long delayed promise to my wife.

Tony Jones, “Composition #3”

Composition #3, November 2015. Enigma. Charcoal and colored pencil. 14 in x 17 in.

Inspired and partially created by 2 years old son, Raylan Jones.

Stacey Kaiser

Stacey Kaiser. American, born in 1990

To Be Determined, November 2015. Enigma. Collage: mixed media. Framed: 19 in x 13 in

Maureen Fitzmahan

Maureen Fitzmahan. American. Irish.  Pittsburg, California

Erin, Katie and the Country Fence. January, 2016. Bed

Photograph. Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper

14 in x 14 in

Continue reading “Maureen Fitzmahan”

Ana Perches

Ana Perches.American, born in Mexico in 1955

Bedroom, Albuquerque, 1982. January, 2016. Bed

Acrylic, ink, pencil on wood. 24 in x 24 in

This painting is inspired by the Mexican folk art tradition of devotional ex-voto retablos, offerings to a saint in gratitude for a miracle. Usually executed on tin and often found in churches, shrines, or private homes.

Translation of the ex-voto text:

On September 29, 1982 in Albuqurerque New Mexico Ana Perches, a doctoral student, having prepared herself for a home birth was informed by her Midwife that the baby was in Breech position and she was taken to the Hospital where she Miraculously had a Vaginal Delivery, without C section, nor Anesthesia nor complications whatsoever. In gratitude I dedicate this Retablo to the OBGYN Doctors, to my Midwife and to the Santo Niño de Atocha.

Ana Perches, “Mars Rojo.” 2015. Acrylic on paper and wood. 33 in. x 35 in.

Ana Perches.  American, born in Mexico in 1955. Aztec Two Step. Taboo. 2015. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 24 in. x 30 in.

Feathered image: Mar Rojo . 2015. Acrylic on paper and wood. 33 in. x 35 in.

Mar Rojo means Red Sea because the sea is deep and scary, yet inviting and invigorating like the color red. Continue reading “Ana Perches”

Erin Mahollitz


Erin Mahollitz. American, born 1979.  StoryTeller, 2015. Rhythm. Handmade book. Paper, cardboard, fabric. 7.5 in. x 11 in. x 1.5 in.

This handmade book is a collection of reflections on the Tarot. The incorporation of topographical shapes and gathered fabric on the cover is a visual connection between nature’s rhythms and the cadence of our spiritual lives. Continue reading “Erin Mahollitz”

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