The Art Junket

A gathering of artists


Participating Artists

Meet the artists, the Junketeers.


Stacey Kaiser is an artist using multimedia.

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Tony Jones works in large acrylics.  Bold colors.

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Lorren Butterwick uses multimedia in her art and strives to push her creative boundaries with new mediums. Her artwork is inspired by Mother Nature and plays with geometry and biology. She creates pieces that urge the audience to find their connection with nature.  Continue reading “LORREN”


Ana Perches, works in tile, mosaics and mixed media using collage and paint.  Ana is a scholar of Mexican culture and art. Continue reading “ANA”


Kay Adamson is a photographer.  Focusing on black and white street photography, Kay yearly travels to Europe in search of images. Continue reading “KAY”


Maureen Fitzmahan is a photographer who lived in Europe and Japan for the last 20 years.  She works primarily in black and white, focusing on street photography. Continue reading “MAUREEN”

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