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Salon 3.2 – Genesis

by Maureen Fitzmahan

Zoey, Tony, Brian, Annelise

The 2nd Salon* of the 3rd series of The Art Junket was hosted by Ana Perches.

The Salon was attended by 13 artists: Erin Mahollitz, Katie Strange, Maureen Fitzmahan, Tony Jones, Brian Nelson, Tao Graham, Randolph Torres, Annelise Dohrer, Ana Perches, Katie Osenga, Lucy Beck, Zoey Olbum, and Kate Sbani.

This months’ theme, Genesis, inspired many of us to do a reexamination of our work and our work process.  For those of us who have been around for a long time, I believe that our work has reached new heights. We have many new members.  The diversity of work and members is seen in the kind of art being produced.

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A Night Out Among SF’s Mission Murals

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by Maureen Fitzmahan

The Mission- Balmy Alley, San Francisco.

Our Art Junket mural expert, Kaitlin Strange, guided us through the history, process, and techniques used in creating the Mission’s famous artworks.  Katie, an intern for Precita Eyes, was one of the artists who painted some of the murals in San Francisco. Katie wrote her Master thesis on the murals of San Francisco.   She has an intimate understanding of San Francisco murals and how they are created.

The Artists


The Fun



MBFitzmahan Photography On Display

Portugal- Evora-Roma child.jpg
mbfitzmahan. Romani Child. Evora, Portugal. 2008

by Maureen Fitzmahan

Encouraged by two years of working with the Art Junket, I have decided to show my work out there in the streets.

No, really! The streets of Old Town Pittsburg.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

By Ana Perches

These colors are my beginning on the white canvas. Question marks ready to be blended.



Last Sunday, I had my 36 x 24 Blick canvas and my acrylic colors ready. After painting the “background” I thought, this is not going to work. So I scrambled in the basement to find another surface to paint on.

Finally found something that is 48 x 32 and started all over again but kept my original idea and design. Lesson: don’t be afraid to start all over and to abandon the nice Blick canvas for… something else.


Genesis: the Art Process #3

By Maureen B. Fitzmahan

mbfitzmahan. New roses. 2017

Oh yes, I am processing, too. I am taking this time to take a very onerous adventure of going through my 77,000 digital photos. I transferred my photos off of iPhoto onto Lightroom. I first eliminated 17,000 duplicates. Then I did some easy house cleaning, so to speak. Now, I am down to 35,000 photos. Half of those are family photos.

Last,  I went through my art photos and chose the top 1200 photos. I’m labeling each one of those photos with 4 and 5 stars.

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Revisiting Adam and Eve: Let Women Write Their Version

By Ana Perches

More on the process of creating art for the theme of Genesis.



Beginning.         Middle.      End.                                                     Amniotic fluid.   Blood.   Ashes.

Dictionary meaning 

Look up the word  Fig. Then Apple. Adam had an Adam’s apple. Was he circumcised? Adam and Eve are part of the Jewish myth. Catholics adopt it. They change the fig to an apple–I’m making this up–. The apple looks more provocative, especially if it’s red but the fig recalls sexual intimate parts, both male and female. And oh so scary. Then the serpent comes along, ha, ha. How cruel. And then Eve gets blamed, of course. So who wrote the story? Let women write their version. Let them rename the fruit and the birds and the bees. And the serpent can be their comadre– look it up— their  BFF (“a girl’s best friend”). 

Note: if you have a child and your child has a godmother, then that godmother would be your comadre. Comadre by extension is a very good friend. If he’s a guy then he’d be your compadre. In my poem the serpent is feminine so she could become your comadre (kind of like a co-mother). 

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