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Salon 3.3 – Still Life

by Maureen Fitzmahan

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Still Life: The Salon was held in Pittsburg, California at Erin Mahollitz’s home.  A hot summer day of art.

The Salon was attended by Maureen Fitzmahan, Mary Louise Harrington, Ana Perches, Brian Nelson, Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange, Erin Mahollitz, Tao Graham, Lucy Beck, Tony Jones, Zoey Olbum, and Katie Osenga.

This month’s theme was “Still Life.”  The art and the happy faces speak for themselves.

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Still life – “still”

by Maureen Fitzmahan

mbfitzmahan. 2016

“Still” is not moving.

‘Still’ is Quiet.  At peace.  In the moment.

“Still” is the same as always.

“Still” is a static photograph as opposed to a motion picture.

Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange. Blackberry. 2017

Still life – How to Set it Up.

Still life, peppermint bottle, 1895 – Paul Cezanne

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Still life – Momento mori

Zdzisław Beksiński, Untitled, oil on fibreboard. 1984

by Maureen Fitzmahan

Momento mori –  “remember that you have to die.”  Momento mori  is an interesting facet of the still life genre.  The artist often places a skull in his still life among other symbols of life and death.

I must admit I find much of what I have seen in this genre to be quite disturbing.  Late 20th and 21st artists like to shock, so there are a lot of images that make me feel very uncomfortable if not disgusted.  I don’t like slasher movies or horror movies.  I don’t like violence (just murder mysteries without the blood and gore, thank you).

But, in the better pieces of art that represent this genre there are elements of spirit, poignancy, deep truths.  These pieces are also aesthetically beautiful.  Death and beauty. A powerful combination.

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Still Life

Paul Cézanne
Still Life with Water Jug c.1892–3

by Maureen Fitzmahan

“Still life” is one of the major genres of Western art.

Traditionally, the subject matter of a still life painting. sculpture, or photograph is anything that does not move or is dead.

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Still Life (Salon #3-Series 3)

mbfitzmahan. A Moment. Pittsburg, CA. 2017

Our next Salon is on Saturday, July 8.

“STILL LIFE” is the theme.

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