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Mapping – An example

Tao shared with me how he mapped what inspired him.

What inspires you?  Would you mind sharing?

Mind Map.jpg

Genesis: Mapping your Artistic Inspiration


In thinking about Genesis, I am wholly influenced by Professor Jenny Braman and the work I did in her advanced drawing class at Berkeley City College.

Professor Braman championed her students to look deeply into the what, where and why of artistic work. She introduced me to a book by Anne West – a professor who teaches at the Maine College of Art – the book is titled,  MAPPING The Intelligence of Artistic Work: An Explorative Guide to Making, Thinking and Writing.

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Genesis – Lucifer, the protagonist

Edouard-Marie-Guillaume Dubufe (1853-1909). The Fall of Lucifer

Genesis:  The point in our story is where our “Heavenly Father” reveals himself to humanity, having already done so with his prior brood, as a petty tyrant.  He is more concerned with the enforcement of arbitrary rules than the well being of his children.  

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Genesis Reconsidered

mbfitzmahan. A rose. 2017

Genesis Reconsidered

There’s something wholly missing
from this Holy Book of ours:
If Adam named the animals,
did Eve not name the flowers?

by Laurence Perrine

(Thank you, Brian, for sending us this link to poetry on genesis.)

SFMOMA: Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit


Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange. Art Junket @SFMOMA. 2017

EXHIBITION:Matisse/Diebenkorn (March 11, 2017)

The Art Junket members attending were: Ana Perches, Kaitlin Fitzmahan Strange, Erin Mahollitz, Don Fitzmahan, mbfitzmahan, and Tao Graham.

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Sound in time

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottom

Brian wrote,

I woke up at 4 this am and resumed thinking about Genesis from a different angle than earlier, which points to the paradox of time itself, of there being a beginning. That is, what cannot be true, without assumptions I cannot imagine.

Bill Clinton famously proffered a notion that his guilt could depend on the definition of “what ‘is’ is”, and since “to be” conjugates to “was” and “will be”, Time forms a conceptual basis to play with, in general.

I’m thinking of another sound project. Sound happens, and can only be experienced, in a flow of time. Coming into existence happens over time.

The result of this sound play is to be a flow of imagery, conjured up automatically in the listener’s mind, in the present tense. I’m having fun with this!”

Hmmmmm.  Sound and time.


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