Cristelle Blackford. “We’re All Here.” Enigma. 2015. Watercolor and gouache on paper. 19 in. x 12 in.

On November 15th, participating artists will share an original work of art that incorporates the theme of enigma.

The Rules:

  • bring one new piece of art to the show
  • incorporate the current theme into the work
  • welcome the challenge

The Theme: ENIGMA

  1. anything unable to be explained
  2. that which conceals a hidden meaning
  3. riddle, puzzle
  4. cryptography: The electro-mechanical cipher engine used by the Germans in World WarII. Many of their messages were deciphered at Bletchley Park, by Alan Turing and a staff of 12,000, majority of whom were women.

Enigma Crypto Machine

NOTE: If you received a formal invitation, decode the message with the following key.
Enigma Cipher

The Art Junket is a group of artists
supporting each other through the creative process.


photo credit: “Enigma Crypto Machine” by Michele M. F.